Wilson - Groomer

Since I was a little boy and having pets as part of our family, my passion was already set for getting a job that allowed me to work with the things I love. Getting a chance to pet, cuddle and interact with the cutest, fluffiest best buddies is the best feeling I've ever had. Training as a professional pet groomer gave me this opportunity every day. This career choice gave me a great opportunity to work with the Royal Family here in Dubai for 6 wonderful years. Caring, nursing, training and grooming for all of the incredible pets was all carried out to the highest standards in line with His Royal Highness' requirements.

Joining Paws & Relax has allowed me to showcase my talents as a groomer. I've become part of a great team with a strong passion and love for animals. Getting the chance to groom your pets I, Wilson Mirallo, and the rest of the team will ensure that your pet is cared for to the highest standard and offer the best possible service as we pamper and tidy up your fur buddies.