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Shamrock Horse Health Booster Powder

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The natural way for healthier horses. Shamrock Health Booster is a blend of freshly harvested seaweeds with added organic copper. Each type of seaweed is blended in the correct proportion in order to enhance the health and well-being of horses.

Available in:

5 kg and 10 kg buckets

Feeding Rate:

√ 30g-50g per head per day
√ 10kg bucket provides 250 feeds
√ 5kg bucket provides 125 feeds


√ Totally natural product.
√ Improves gut Health.r
√ Improves immune system.
√ Increase stamina.
√ Improves the absorption of the nutrient of the feed.
√ Contains low level of iodine.
√ Strengthens bone structure.
√ Counteracts copper deficiency.
√ Improves appearance and general health.