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DogsLife Eye Wipes Aloe Vera Dog 100pcs

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DogsLife presents Aloe Vera Dog Eye Wipes 100 Pcs, meticulously crafted to delicately eliminate dirt while providing soothing relief from itchiness in your dog's eyes. Trust in a product designed to keep your dog's eyes clean and healthy.

Product Features:
Effortless Eye Cleaning: Effectively remove dirt and debris, promoting a clean and comfortable eye environment for your dog.
Itch Relief: Combat itchy ears with our non-irritating formula, offering relief and preventing discomfort.
Safe and Easy: These wipes boast a non-irritating formula, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning experience for your furry friend.
Complete Dog Eye Care: Address your dog's eye health comprehensively with our simple yet powerful solution.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Aloe Vera Infused: DogsLife wipes are naturally pre-soaked with a soothing Aloe Vera formula, providing relief and promoting positive eye health.
Relieve Itching: A simple yet effective solution to relieve itching, enhancing your dog's overall eye well-being.
100 Finger-shaped wipes for efficient and convenient cleaning sessions.
Pre-soaked with a gentle and soothing Aloe Vera formula.

Retrieve with Care: Using clean hands, take one eye Wipe from the container.
Position on Finger: Place the wipe over your index finger for precise and controlled cleaning.
Gentle Cleaning: Wipe your dog's eyes gently to remove dirt.
Dispose Thoughtfully: Discard used wipes in the bin for easy cleanup.
Preserve Freshness: Close the container lid securely to prevent the wipes from drying out.