Terms & Conditions

Minimum spend

There is no minimum spend for Paws & Relax. 


Where possible we will deliver within the same calendar day. Our delivery times are 9am to 9pm. All orders are subject to availability. Delivery charges may vary depending on the location.

Pick up and drop off

Paws & Relax offer a Pick & Drop service for grooming appointments. The driver has the right to refuse to accept a pet if he feels that there is a risk to the safety of staff or of other pets. 

Pre-grooming/collection inspection

When your pet attends our salon or is collected by our pet taxi, our staff will conduct a brief inspection of the pet's condition in the presence of the owner or their representative. This inspection is for the safety of your pet and our staff. The inspection may help identify any potential problems or issues with the pet and our staff can advise on the best course of action. If an owner or their representative fails to allow our staff to conduct this inspection our staff reserve the right to refuse to take responsibility of the pet. If we feel that the pet poses a safety risk during the inspection staff have the right to return the pet to the owner without completing the service.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are issued to the customer's registered email address. Gift cards have a fixed expiry date and must be redeemed before expiry. Expired or lost gift cards cannot be re-issued.

Discounted or promotional items

Items sold as part of a promotion or a sale are non-refundable.  Where ‘one-off’ discounts are offered these discounts are applicable one per household only. Multiple accounts from the same household are not eligible for more than 1 ‘one-off’ discount.