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Flamingo Reini Ears & Eyes Unscented Cat & Dog Pet Wipes 40pcs

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Discover the Reini Neutral Eye & Ear Cleansing Wipes – your go-to solution for gentle and effective care for your dog's eyes and ears. Crafted with a neutral scent and free from parabens and alcohol, these wipes offer a soothing experience for your furry friend.

Product Features:
- Soothing Neutral Scent: The Reini Neutral wipes come with a neutral scent, ensuring a calming experience for your pet during eye and ear cleaning sessions.
- Gentle Cleaning: Specially designed for delicate areas, these wipes provide gentle yet effective cleaning for your dog's eyes and ears.
- Irritation-Free Formula: The wipes are free from parabens and alcohol, preventing irritation and discomfort for your pet.
- Resealable Opening: The user-friendly resealable opening allows for convenient and mess-free use, ensuring freshness with every wipe.

Technical Details/Specifications:
- Material: Polyester and Viscose
- Colour: White
- Dimensions: 18cm L x 16cm W x 0.1cm H
- Weight: 4g ℮
- Main Material: Polyester
- Material Group: Polyester
- Treatment Area: Ears, Eyes
- Type of Aroma: Neutral
- Features Care: Alcohol-free, Daily use, Non-irritating, Paraben-free, Removes dirt, Removes ear wax, Removes mucus and dirt, Resealable opening
- Type of Dispenser: Impregnated cloth
- Weather-/Water-/IP-Resistant: Yes
- Type Weather-/Water-/IP-Resistance: Water-absorbing

1. Gently open the resealable pack of Reini Neutral Eye & Ear Cleansing Wipes.
2. Carefully clean your dog's eyes and ears, ensuring a gentle and soothing touch.
3. Dispose of used wipes properly.
4. Reseal the pack after each use to maintain freshness.
5. Avoid contact with your dog's eyes and ears while using these wipes.
Keep your pet's eyes and ears fresh, clean, and irritation-free with the Reini Neutral Cleansing Wipes. Your furry friend deserves the best care!