Daniel & Michele

Growing up a mile apart in rural West of Ireland having animals and pets around the house always felt natural - from sheep to cattle, dogs, cats, birds and even the odd friendly fox. This fostered a true understanding of the importance of pets in and around the family home.

We moved to Dubai in 2012 with our son David who was 10 years old at the time. It didn't take long to recognise that David was very homesick and found it hard to settle. Through a work colleague of Daniel's, we adopted our first pet in Dubai - Buster, a Yorkie. Buster offered great companionship and comfort to David and thankfully there has been no looking back.

It didn't take too long until our pet family was expanding with the arrival of another Yorkie aptly named Rhymes. Rhymes was a real live wire when he was younger and could easily have been compared to Harry Houdini as he had the remarkable ability to escape from anywhere - which often lead to a lot of worry. Thankfully he returned to us each time and has now decided that home isn't that bad.

Recently we've added another Miniature Yorkie - Monchi, to our family as a last minute plea from our home helper Sammi to take them in as their family was leaving Dubai the following day. If we thought Rhymes was lively then we were greatly mistaken as he doesn't hold a candle to Monchi. There isn't a sock safe in the house.

We think at this stage that our family is big enough for now. However there is always time to show some love and affection to your pets when they arrive at our shop for grooming or simply to have a look around.