Gigwi Refillable Catnip (Rabbit) With 3 Catnip Teabags

by Gigwi
Dhs. 24.00

3 Catnip Teabags. Watch your kitty tosses, flips, kicks and enjoys it’s GiGwi catnip toy.

Only top quality utilized natural North American catnip for GiGwi refillable catnip toysThese toys have a special fastener, so that fresh catnip teabags can be added again and again – to last all your cat’s nine lives. Catnip is a natural, non-adicting herb that encourages playful behaviour for about 70% of cats, which have an inherited gene that compels them to respond to catnip. Included ziplock bags maintain maximum freshness and keep your extra catnip in necessary conditions until needed.