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Premium Cat Furniture V-Box Small - Walnut

Dhs. 375.00 
Available for pre-order


The V-BOX small is a compact cat furniture in a modern design. Equipped with a cosy sleeping cave, lounging spots, toys and scratching pillars, it offers a place to retreat and somewhere to play within a small space. Compact furniture, high-quality MDF, laminate in walnut look or water-based varnish coat. Cushioned overlays with hook-and-loop tape for easy swapping. Ball toy made of rattan is clicked into place with a safety closure and cosy cubed den with two entrances. Internal dimensions : approx. 34 x 34 cm. Openings : approx. 20.8 x 20.8 cm. Dimensions : 37 x 37 cm, heigh t: 72.5 cm. Colour/decoration : Walnut-look laminate with brown edges, contrasting white fronts. Memory foam cushions : Creamy-white with cosy baby-plush. Toy : Brown rattan. Post : Natural-coloured seagrass.