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Armitage Tender Beef Fillets - 90G

Dhs. 35.00 
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I�m the perfect complementary snack to add to your dogs� well-balanced diet when they�ve been well behaved. I�m roasted in my own juices, which makes me irresistibly tasty for your four-legged friends. My favourite trick is making dogs� tails waggle; I�m just that succulent and tasty. Not only am I scrummy, I�m super healthy too, really low in fat and made with 100% natural beef fillet meat. Your dog is sure to love me! Not only this, I contain absolutely no artificial colours and flavours, which is fantastic for your doggy�s digestion. I might not be suitable for puppies under the age of 4 months, but you can easily break me up into small pieces for treating your four-legged friends whilst out on a walk, or just feed me whole as a super duper tasty reward.