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ARYA Puppy Pads with Activated Carbon - 60x60 cm / 10-pack

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Absorbent mats with Activated Carbons

With odour-control polymers and adhesive strips

Absorbent mats consisting of multiple layers to ensure maximum absorption:

  • Absorbent layer. Made in non-woven fabric, it ensures a rapid and elevated absorption of fluids. Hypoallergenic and tear-resistant.
  • With Activated Carbons. For a superior control of unpleasant odours in more critical situations.
  • Odour control polymers. When coming into contact with fluids they become a thick gel, which captures unpleasant smells and stops them from spreading.
  • Waterproof layer. Ensures that fluids do not wet the floor.
  • Adhesive strips. Fix the mat firmly to the floor so that, even when trampled on, it stays in place.

Instructions for use

Lay the mat on the floor with the light blue-coloured waterproof layer facing downwards. Attach the adhesive strips to the floor, making sure that the grey-coloured absorbent layer faces upwards. Do not flush the mat down the toilet after use. Keep out of children’s reach.

Size: 60 x 60cm