Bioline Long Hair Cat Shampoo 250ml

by Bioline
Dhs. 25.00

Bioline Long Hair Cat Shampoo 250Ml Bioline Long Hair Cat Shampoo Is A Mild Pet Shampoo . It Can Be Used For Both Cats And Kittens.

It Neutralizes Foul Odors In Pet Coats And Maintains A Balanced Ph Level. It Soothes Irritated Skin. It Is Safe To Use On Cats With Sensitive And Itchy Skin . Bioline Neutral Pet Shampoo Provides Premium Coat And Skin Treatment. It Is Safe To Use For Routine Pet Baths On Cats And Kittens. It Works On Reducing Shedding. It Promotes A Healthy Skin And Coat On Your Pet. Instructions For Use : Use The Shampoo Sparingly As Necessary For The Size Of The Cat . Apply Shampoo To The Wet Coat , Spread Evenly And Rinse With Lukewarm Water . Repeat If Necessary . After Washing The Coat , It Is Important To Rub The Animal Dry And Keep It Well-Protected From Draught .