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ConairPro Pet-It Metal Slicker Brush

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The CONAIRPRO dog & cat Pet-It Slicker Brush removes loose hair from your pet’s coat, resulting in tangle-free, snarl-free hair. Firm pins remove the undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Shedding is significantly reduced, resulting in a well-groomed pet. Features Palm-Petting Grip Technology. Slip the grip through your fingers to hold the brush comfortably in the palm of your hand! Pet-It allows you to groom your pet comfortably with the petting motion your pet knows and loves.

  • PALM BRUSH FOR DOGS: This dog brush features firm pin bristles that remove loose hair from your dogs undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Use to detangle fur & help reduce shedding.
  • EASY TO USE: CONAIRPRO dog & cat Pet-It brushes are made to fit seamlessly in the palm of your hand. Great for animals who are scared of large brushes, these brushes also work for grooming cats!