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Eco line Feather Teaser with Crinkles and Silvervine Leaves

Dhs. 32.00 
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Enjoy hours of playing together with just a flick of your hand

Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown hunter.

Cats love to be entrained and they love feathers. Its dangerous to simply hold a feather in fron of a cat. Gigwi Feather Teaser Toys, imitate plating with a real bird, bringing out the most instinctive cat reactions but at the same time preventing from accidental scratching wherever possible.

We use only top quality carefully fixed feather for a long time and safe game. Beside we use silvervine crushed leaves, help to relax and entertain your cat. With its unique natural scent, this toy will entice your cat to play for more when you use it to interact with your cat.