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Geohellas Cat Leader Clumping Fresh Aroma Cat Litter

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2XODOUR ATTACK FRESH, with an innovative double action formula that effectively fights cat litter odours leaving only a fresh and clean aroma. Available in both clumping and classic variety.


CAT LEADER® is a complete range of natural classic,  ultra compact clumping and silica gel cat litters of excellent quality. Characterized by superb liquid and odour absorption, CAT LEADER®’s range of cat litters is designed to offer top hygiene and utmost comfort to your cat.


 • Made From Saponite/Bentonite Clay


• Premium Quality Clumping Cat Litter


• Ultra Compact


• Advanced Absorption


• Natural Product


• Forms Quickly Strong Dumps


• 2XOdour Control Formula For Maximum Odour Elimination


• Enriched with Fresh Aroma


• Available in 5Kg & 10Kg Bags