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Gigwi Shaking Fun Plush Toy Lion With Squeaker Inside

Dhs. 52.50 
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Gigwi Plush Friendz is ideal to fetch, snuggle, or chew. Soft toys retain your pet’s scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Cute, soft and cuddly Plush Friendz feature charming designs made from quality non-toxic materials. Once playtime’s over, your dog will cuddle up with its new friend to recharge with a nap. Find out why classic plush toys are so irresistible to dogs! Different textures for chewing and gripping with squeaky function.

Slight shaking, huge fun!

Start throw and fetch game, and your pet will bite and shake the toy to make the squeaker sound.

With big squeaker inside, GiGwi Shaking Fun Series will squeak more easily, which encourages dogs to bite and shake the toy more excitedly. These behaviours will help dogs relieve anxiety and reduce boredom.

Meanwhile, super soft fabric will protect dog’s teeth and gums during the bite. The toy is perfect for indoor fetch games and will strengthen the bond between owner and dog during the interactive play.