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Happy Cat Bentonite Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter - Pleasing Jasmine Perfume Scent - 10L

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White Ball Shape Clumping Cat Litter Jasmine Scent
Jasmine is a tiny, white, star-shaped flower that announces the arrival of the day with its intense scent. The fragility of the jasmine flower contrasts with the astonishing power of its perfume. Jasmine is a symbol of seduction, femininity and is the flower of love. Enjoy this fragrance with Happy Cat Litter.

The raw material is a natural clay mineral which has inherent properties of excellent absorption power, anti-bacterial, instant clumping and kills odour. Our cat litters are safe for cat's skin, fur and children. The balls size is scientifically made so litter consumption is less and a bag is long lasting and economical. The perfumes are wonderful and of cosmetic grade which will make your home atmosphere pleasant.