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Harringtons Chicken & Potato Puppy Wet Food - 380G

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A Harringtons puppy is a healthy puppy, and a fully content one. The new wet puppy food is packed with all-natural ingredients that give your developing puppy the healthful nutrients and goodness they need.

  • Contains salmon oil as a natural source of omega 3 to support your dog's cognitive growth, and is made with 70% freshly prepared chicken. No surprises, just wholesome goodness.
  • We gently cook our wet puppy food using our patented FreshCook® technology, just like we do with the adult wet dog food line. Our meat is so top-notch that it is rated for humans. with extra vitamins and minerals, freshly made, and cooked gently to seal in nutrition and flavor. a balanced diet free of grains, dairy, soy, added wheat, artificial flavors, and colors for happy, healthy dogs.
  • Chicken: an excellent natural source of protein for growth, repair, and energy.