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Kiki Kat White Bentonite Clumping Cat litter - Natural - 20 L (17.4KG )

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Kiki kat Mountain Fresh  is a premium clumping cat litter made out of natural white bentonite clay and formulated specially for the best clumping performance and odor control. It has a delicate Mountain Fresh fragrance gives a sense of hygiene and it is 100% cat-friendly.

  • Tight Clumping

  • Low Dust

  • Clean Paws

  • Highly Absorbent

  • Low Tracking


Bentonite mine has a structural clumping feature. The sands made from this mine are fine and coarse grained. It is one of the most preferred mines due to the higher aggregation rate of fine grained sand and a structure that cats are more comfortable with. Due to its natural and hygienic composition, bentonite cat litter is among the most preferred cat litter types. It is known for its high absorbency. The sand obtained from bentonite mine, quickly dries cat urine and feces, making it easy to clean.

Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping

Our quick & tight clumping cat litter is designed so that urine and feces can be easily removed from the litter box. Just scoop out the soiled litter from the box and leave the clean litter in its place.

Outstanding Odor Control

With the help of one of the finest clays in the World and a special production process; it locks away unwanted odors instantly and naturally; without fragrances. It’s good for your cat’ s health.

Easy to Carry and Store

Our cat litter is packed in a 20-liter, high quality sealed-bag. Because of its design and weight, it is easy to carry and adequate for a single cat’s litter needs for a month.