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Kiki Max Menu Hamster

Dhs. 21.50 
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The Kiki Max Menu Hamster is a special food for your cute, little rodent. It is low in fat and rich in mineral elements, and contains a well-balanced formula with a selection of seeds, granules, vitamins and proteins. It is an ideal daily food for your pet and essential for good nutrition and growth.


Storage Condition

Keep in a cool and dry place. Make sure fresh, clean water is always available

Brand Message

The GZN group manufactures the Kiki brand of pet food products. GZN contributes to enhancing the nutrition, health, and wellness of your pets by offering healthy, balanced, and high-quality products. Through its Kiki brand, GZN provides a wide range of pet food products for dogs, cats, hamsters, rodents, canaries, parakeets, and exotic birds.