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Kitten Grooming Kit

Dhs. 87.50 
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  • Helps you to build a bond with your kitten.
  • Introduces your kitten to pamper sessions so grooming becomes enjoyable.
  • Contains a Slicker Brush, Comb & Flea Comb.
  • New and improved handle on both the Slicker Brush & Anti-tangle Comb.

The Mikki Kitten Grooming Kit is designed to help get the kitten used to being groomed and to make this an enjoyable event for both.

The Slicker Brush helps remove moulting hair while the Comb helps tackle any stubborn matts and tangles. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience. The Flea Comb can be used as part of a flea control program.

Regular grooming helps teach the kitten to be relaxed when being handled and prevents any knots or tangles getting out of hand.