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Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits Dog Treats (80g)

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The Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits is an organic oval-shaped treats made with probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion and chamomile flowers. Say goodnight with these delicious crunchy treats. These organic biscuits are traditionally oven baked. It includes probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion flowers and chamomile flowers. They're also hypoallergenic and wheat free.


Product Feature:

  • Thes biscuits are made with delicious organic ingredients including organic oats and organic rye flour.
  • The organic chamomile and passion flowers are botanicals associated with helping to get a good night's sleep.
  • Blissful bedtime biscuits to help aid a good night's sleep
  • Calming ingredients
  • Our baked biscuits are naturally nutritious and made to a recipe with no nasties whatsoever.
  • We've also included organic probiotic yoghurt, which is a lovely soothing ingredient that may aid digestion.
  • Great for teeth and oral health
  • Vet approved


Technical details:

Size: 80g

Pet life stage: Adult

Breed recommendation:  All dog breeds

Food Type: Treat