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Lily's Kitchen Dog Classic Dinners Multipack Wet Dog Food (6x150g)

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This mixed pack of the Lily's Kitchen Classic Dinners will give your dog a variety of flavors of nutritionally complete dog wet food. The pack contains 3 varieties of natural and healthy recipes. Your four-legged pal can have 3 different sumptuous flavors every day.

Containing three tasty flavors that are made with top-grade ingredients, this is an easily digestible collection that will be gentle on the tummy. It is naturally wholesome and does not contain any unhealthy fillers such as wheat, soy, or corn.


Product Features:

  • Multipack of nutritionally complete adult wet dog food - Cottage Pie, Chicken & Turkey Casserole and Lamb Hotpot
  • Nutritionally complete wet food for dogs 4 months +
  •  Made with freshly prepared meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs 
  • Made with proper meat - no meat meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat.


Box Content:

  • 2x Lily's Kitchen - Chicken & Turkey Casserole (150g)
  • 2x Lily's Kitchen - Dog Cottage Pie (150g)
  • 2x Lily's Kitchen - Lamb Hotpot for Dogs (150g)


Technical details:

Size: 6 X 150G (6 cans, 150 g each)

Pet life stage: Dogs 4 months older

Breed recommendation: All dog breeds, common domestic/house dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Foxhounds, Terriers, Labradors, Huskies, Great Danes, Chihuahua, Spaniel, Pugs just to name a few!

Flavor: Chicken & Turkey Casserole, Dog cottage pie, Lamb Hotpot