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Lily's Kitchen Paté for Mature Cats Multipack Wet Cat Food (8x85g)

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Serve up a selection of this smooth pate recipe with a handy multipack. These pates have the smoothest, perfect-for-cats texture, making them especially lickable for mature mouths. Vet and nutritionist-approved, each recipe is complete and balanced. We believe a healthy cat is a happy cat, which is why these grain-free recipes are made with only freshly prepared meat. And happy kitties are worth the 6 am wake-up call, right?


Product Features:

  • Proper and balanced recipe with a high meat content of tasty cuts of Chicken, Turkey and Lamb for sources of protein which develops muscle mass and sustains beautiful skin and coat
  • Includes gravy for essential vitamins and minerals and nutritious offal for healthy hearts
  • Natural meat and herbs blended perfectly for easy digestion
  • Responsibly source, natural, and organic ingredients
  • No added sugar, preservatives, or fillers
  • Freshly packed in an easy to open tin can


This pack includes:

  • 4pcs x Chicken Paté for Mature Cats (85g)
  • 4pcs x Chicken & Cod Paté for Mature Cats (85g)


Technical details:

Size: 85 g

Pet life stage: For mature cats 7 years +

Breed recommendation:  All cats breeds, common examples of domestic/house cats are Burmese, Abyssinian, Savannah, British shorthair, Persian Cat, Ragdoll,  just to name a few!

Flavor: Chicken

Food Type: Wet