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Lily's Kitchen Tasty Cuts Chicken & Ocean Fish Kitten Wet Food (85g)

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With no added sugars insight, we present grain-free recipes that might even have your cat, dare we say it, jogging to their food bowl. And not sure about yours, but it takes a lot for our cats to exert themselves like that.

It’s also complete, which means this food has everything your cat needs - no not all cat food does. So cats, join us in the rebellion. Say no to rubbish food full of cheap fillers, and yes to food made with proper meat and fish.


Product Features:

  • Proper and balanced recipe with a high meat content of tasty cuts of white fish, salmon, and prawns for sources of protein which develops muscle mass and sustains beautiful skin and coat
  • Includes gravy for essential vitamins and minerals and nutritious offal for healthy hearts
  • Responsibly source, natural, and organic ingredients
  • No added sugar, preservatives, or fillers
  • Freshly packed in an easy to open tin can


Technical details:

Size: 85 g

Pet life stage: For kittens 2 months +

Breed recommendation:  All cats breeds, common examples of domestic/house cats are Burmese, Abyssinian, Savannah, British shorthair, Persian Cat, Ragdoll,  just to name a few!

Food Type: Wet