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Odourlock Unscented Cat Litter 6Kg

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Our OdourLock mineral litter is produced from high-quality clay, 100% pure and natural, for maximum efficiency without compromise. We pay close attention to its extraction and processing to ensure a clay of very high quality while respecting the environment.

  • Optimal odour control for more than 40 days
  • Safe for the respiratory tracts of humans and cats
  • Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment
  • Moisture-activated scent
  • Tested by veterinarians
  • Made in Canada

The high capacity and rapid absorption of our litter allows the formation of smaller and stronger clumps, which greatly facilitates cleaning and daily maintenance. OdourLock can absorb up to 6 times its weight in liquid! As it generates less waste, it lasts longer than a competing litter and therefore costs you less. The amount of litter used each year can be reduced by up to 45%!

A clean and healthy environment

OdourLock is available without fragrance or lightly scented. Since our mission is not to perfume your entire home, our OdourLock litter releases its fragrances only when in contact with a liquid. With the health and sensitivity of cats in mind, the fragrances we use have been carefully selected to please them. These subtle scents will not disturb your cats’ routine.

  • A unique formula that neutralizes odours for up to 40 days.
  • The OdourLock litter releases its pleasant fragrance on contact with a liquid.
  • Odour Control patented technology that prevents the formation of ammonia.
  • Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop and reduces the litter used.
  • The fragrance is mild so as not to disturb the habits of your cat.
  • Provides a safe, non-toxic environment for pets.
  • Minimizes dust for your comfort and that of your cat.
  • Non-tracking to keep your home clean.