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Pets Unlimited Chewy Bone with Chicken

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2 sticks, 93 grams

• Helps maintain a dog's dental care
• Chew bones made of pure beef hide 
• Wrapped in chicken jerky
• Low fat and rich in proteins
• Various sizes for different breeds

These chicken chew bones by Pets Unlimited are a healthy treat for your dog. The chew treats are free of colouring, flavouring or aromatic additives and have a positive effect on dog’s dental health. Chewing on sturdy chicken flavoured chew bones will help maintain and strengthen their teeth.

These chew bones are purely natural and made of pure beef-hide and wrapped in chicken jerky, making them even more flavourful. The ideal dog treats after a long walk or just because it’s the afternoon.

Give your dog hours of chewing fun as well as healthy teeth with these tasty chews.


Beef hide, dehydrated chicken filet.

Analytical Constituents (%):

Crude protein 65.0%
Crude fat 1.0%
Crude fibre 1.0%
Crude ash 4.0%
Moisture 18%

Dietary advice

Chew bones by Pets Unlimited are a dog treat and not meant to replace a dog’s daily nutritional needs. Always monitor your pet while they are eating, and make sure they have access to enough drinking water.