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QChefs Natural Dental Power Sizzles 65g

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Our dog’s teeth need the very best care and attention. To keep them strong and healthy they need the very best ingredients! Q –Chef Dental Power Sizzles are an innovation in doggy dental health.

These cheesy snacks are extra special! Made with Cottage Cheese, Buckwheat and Coconut oil it’s the ultimate combination in supporting your doggies’ health! The cottage cheese is absolutely fantastic for dental health. The cheese actually neutralizes the acids in the mouth, helping to prevent plaque formation. Don’t worry though this product is lactose free so suitable for those sensitive dogs out there! Plus the Buckwheat and the Coconut oil help to support the cardiovascular and immune system! As well as improving your pooches fur vitality.

The super sizzles can be broken up into easy bitesize chunks which is particularly helpful for those little dogs. Never fear popping these in your pocket either as they are completely odourless but definitely not lacking in flavour!

These treats are truly a cut above the rest. Completely natural, made with fair trade and organically farmed products and wonderful for dental care!

  • Neutralizes the mouth flora
  • 100% natural dental care
  • For healthy teeth and gums