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Fabotex Quite Time Bed 36'' Double Bolst

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Exclusively from MidWest Homes for Pets . . . the unique, feature-filled, patent pending QuietTime� Double Bolster Beds. All for your pet�s quiet time! Manufactured with the quality and care you�ve come to expect; all of our beds are washable with material, stuffing, and stitching that lasts! The Double Bolster stacks to provide extra deep cushion. Features a Cushioned Polyfiber Base and comes in Exquisitely Soft Fleece, Pink Faux Fur, and Blue Faux Fur.Completely Machine Washable. Stacked Bolsters Provide Added Cushioning Around Sides of Crate Elastic Corner Straps Secure Bed to Crate Pan to Prevent Sliding and Bunching