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Riga Depurative Fresh Grass 30

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  • Give your feline companions a little teething snack by bringing home the Riga Depurative Fresh Grass. The lush variety will satisfy their grass craving as well as take care of their veggie intake needs.
  • Control of hair balls formation : This cat fresh grass helps the elimination of swallowed hair.
  • Rich in fibres : The fibres help stimulate the good intestinal transit of your cat.Ideal for indoor cats : Not having access to the outside, the house cat has one chance to feed with fresh herbs to purge itself against its constipation problems.

    Additional information

    Helps the elimination of swallowed hair. During washing and preening, cats swallow hairs, which turn to troublesome “nests” in their stomach and intestines. To avoid this inconvenience, intestines should be stimulated by giving your cat this grass.