Rogz Alley Cat Collar

by Rogz
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Rogz Alley Cat Collars are 3/8-Inches wide and fully adjust for neck sizes between 8-inches and 12-inches. Not only is the Alley Cat Collar fitted with the Rogz Breakaway Safety Buckle, which allows your kitty to break out of their collar should the collar become snagged, but it now also has the new patented Variable Load Safeloc Buckle feature. 
break-away-safety-buckle  Break away safety buckle
variable-load-safeloc-buckle  Variable Load Safeloc Buckle
reflective-materials  Reflective Materials


  Size Neck Size Width of Webbing
AlleyCat Collar SMALL 200-310mm | 8-12″ 11mm | 3/8″