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Rogz Lighthouse Fetch Toy - 24CM-RED

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The Rogz Lighthouse Fetch Toy is a throw and fetch dog toy designed for water play. The built-in chord makes it easy to throw, while the buoyancy material and red and white stripes provide high visibility in water. Gentle on the mouth and soft on the teeth, it activates the mind and muscles to entice your dog's natural hunting instincts.

Available in size L

Diameter : 24 cm / 9 in



✅ Bite-O-Meter 2

This is a rated 2 medium stregth toy

✅ Easy Throwing

Grab the cord and swing it as far as you can

✅ High Visibility

Much easier to spot in rough surf as it bobs upright

✅ Soft in Mouth

Safe and comfortable on your dog's gums

✅ Super Buoyancy

It floats and stands up just like a lighthouse!