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sWheat Scoop – Original All Natural Cat Litter - 12lbs

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Cat litter with very high odor control and quick clumping power is often needed in households with multiple cats. The ideal solution is sWheat Scoop natural, unscented Multi-Cat litter. Its special wheat blend is high in natural starches to facilitate quicker clumping and simpler scooping and is loaded with nature’s own potent odor-fighting enzymes. Additionally, it is flushable, all-natural, and biodegradable like all Wheat Scoop cat litters. Additionally, tracking is negligible, and cleanup is simple because to the virtually dust-free nature of Wheat Scoop natural cat litter. For houses with multiple litter boxes or shared spaces, it truly is the best option.

Product Features:
– 100% Natural: No dyes, perfumes or chemicals
– Flushable*: 100% biodegradable for flushable clumps
– 99.5% Dust Free: No dust cloud to breathe in
– Odor Neutralizing Enzymes: Powerful odor control in every grain of wheat
– Enhanced Clumping: Natural starches provide fast clumping action and easy scooping
– Low Tracking: Keeps paw prints inside the litter box
– Made in the USA: Reliably sourced from farms in the United States
– Better for the Planet: What comes from the planet can go back with no harm