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World'S Best Cat Litter Lavender 3.18Kg

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  • World's Best Cat Litterâ„¢ is proud to offer you the choice of using more environmentally friendly scented cat litters. All of our 100% natural and renewable litter formulas offer an eco-friendly alternative to regular cat litter. World's Best Cat Litterâ„¢ isn't made from mined, drilled, or artificially made ingredients. It's milled from renewable whole-kernel corn and other plant materials grown on American farms.
World's Best Cat Litter - Mulitiple Cat Lavender Scented
The absorbent structure ensures that odors stay in the litter box, not around your home. This multi-cat clumping cat litter is ideal for multi-pet households. Pet waste odors are further dissipated by the all-natural lavender oil – no synthetic clay, chemicals or perfumes! Your home is sure to smell fresh and clean with the scent of natural lavender.